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    Jiangsu Jinkai Resin Chemical Co., Ltd.

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    Key products:    Chelating resin  |  Mixed bed resin  |  Polymeric adsorbent  |   Inert resin  |  Special resin for pharmaceutical...  |  Special resin for catalysis
    about us

    Jiangsu Jinkai Resin Chemical Co., Ltd. is a specialized production, research, development and trade company of Ion exchange resin and adsorbent. As the council unit of ion exchange resin industry, Jinkai has been acting as a research, development and manufacturing company of Ion exchange resin for more than 30 years. Now, we are the biggest research and production base in the world for ion exchange resin, with the most varieties and biggest throughput. There are experienced technicians working in our ion exchange resin R&D center, which is founded by our company and Nanjing University together. At present, Jinkai can produce and supply over 400 kinds of strong acidic, strong basic, weak acidic, weak basic, macroporous ion exchange resins and macroporous adsorbents, and we yearly produce 60,000 cubic meters of resins. These products are widely used in electric power, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, biological, "three wastes" treatment and other industries. About of 60% products are well sold in more than 80 countries and regions.

    Jiangsu Jinkai Resin Chemical Co., Ltd. is well known for leading technologies, high management and automatic production level. There is a well-established QS system in Jinkai now. Abiding by ISO9001/2008 quality system strictly, our products rank the leading position in the world. Moreover, our products for food, pharmaceutical, beverage and drinking water industry are in accordance with the standards of ANSI/NSF 61, and obtain the certification of WQA successfully.

    There are clean and neat working surroundings in Jinkai and the environment facilities of Jinkai can meet the requirements of ISO14001 EMS. To effectively provide customer-satisfied service, we set 24hr supports hotline to meet the commitment of Jinkai to customers for quality, variety, delivery time and after-sales service. Relying on honest business and powerful strength, we are striving to make Jinkai a famous brand in the world!

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